About Us

Golden Wing Helping Hands is a non-profit organization stationed in Chicago, Illinois. We create care packages for homeless adults and children filled with numerous necessities including: non-perishable foods, clothing, toiletry items, gift cards and letters of encouragement. We bring smiles to the streets by personally delivering each care package to individuals who need help. Homelessness is a serious issue and Golden Wing Helping Hands helps individuals get back up on their feet again and ensures that they aren’t alone. We encourage others to get involved, to give back to the community and to enrich and inspire others.


The idea of Golden Wing Helping Hands started in 2015. The people behind the foundation, Nicholas Miaskowski, Edith Miaskowski and Roman Miaskowski, started this as a holiday family tradition in 2015. They wanted to give back to their community in Chicago and so they have decided to create care packages for homeless men and women on the streets. That year they have made 25 care packages. Being able to see the huge smiles on peoples faces, they decided to carry on this new tradition. With the help of many people, in 2016 they have made 350! And so in the year of 2017, Golden Wing Helping Hands was born and since opening the organization, we have serviced 1,550 homeless people!


Golden Wing Helping Hands has created over 1,500 care packages for the homeless since opening. By strengthening our community, we will bring more care and love to the streets of Chicago, together we can make a powerful impact. Golden Wing Helping Hands will be further expanding it's mission to other major cities in the US so that we can continue to bring thousands of more smiles to the streets.